Color memory for every page

      The powerful idea of color coding is triggering you to photographically memorize and organize every page into your mind for faster, easier and enjoyable access.

        For every category there will be a specific color that identifies the purpose of its coordinated page.

        Our goal is serving more patients in an advanced quality to allow you to navigate through with the least amount of clicks possible.


   control Panel






Anything related to the patients will be found on this page, from their personal information, to their visitations, medical history, and so on. We make sure that the user is able to view all the information he needs in a simple, organized fashion.


In this page it becomes super easy for the user to make appointments, and keep track of their daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. Every change or addition in that schedule can be easily found in this page.

Control Panel

Where you as a user can manage your patients' medical conditions, drugs, and diseases to enable you to reach the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan necessary for that specific patient. Store all the information, and keep track of your patients all in one single page.